<![CDATA[PATPET - Singapore's No.1 Pet Gifts & Home Cooked Pet Food Delivery - Pat Pet Blog]]>Wed, 02 Dec 2015 07:22:04 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Lazy Dog Owner for Lazy dog ]]>Sat, 26 Nov 2011 03:37:01 GMThttp://www.patpetdingdongbelle.com/pat-pet-blog/lazy-dog-owner-for-lazy-dogI am a lazy dog owner. Like most owners, we are always busy with lotsa issues in our daily life. I am really impressed by some dog owners whose dogs are groomed and well maintained every day. I can't! I am a dog owner who does not bother too much about dog's appearance. As long as they are bathed at least once a week, the rest are not really that important.
Recently, i am really tied up and i realised that my shih tsu's fur has grown beyond neatness. I used the silicon dog hair band, out of convenience  to tie up its forhead hair. Of course, i did it for the sake of keeping it from blocking my dog's sight and i made it hastily. She defended it initially, and thinking of why her forehead fur was tied up.. but gradually and eventually, she gave up and get used to the silicon elastic band on her forehead.
And right now, i am fancized over the colour and the design of the hair band she is using. It is part of her decor and at the same time, it prevent her from looking messy, right? Hahahaha

<![CDATA[It is baking Time !!!! Tuna Pie for Dog ]]>Thu, 24 Nov 2011 01:51:15 GMThttp://www.patpetdingdongbelle.com/pat-pet-blog/it-is-baking-time-tuna-pie1<![CDATA[It is baking Time !!!! Tuna Pie for Dog]]>Thu, 24 Nov 2011 01:51:11 GMThttp://www.patpetdingdongbelle.com/pat-pet-blog/it-is-baking-time-tuna-pieHere is an easy receipe for you to try it out at home. I am sure even the most fussy dog eater would enjoy it ( i have put my picky food Maltese rascal on the test)

Can of Tuna (either comes in the form of mineral water, soya bean oil)
1 tbsp of corn flour
1 egg
assorted vegetables (cut it as fine as possible)

Just mix everything together!!!! Either present it in alumiumn baking tray, or spread it out in various scoop on the baking tray  Bake it in oven for 20mins at 200 degree celus.

Throughout the whole process, all my dogs are waiting patiently by the oven, and by the time when they hear the "Ting" sound of the oven, they know it is the most important moment of the day! To add more aroma to the pie, u can always toppled it with cheese (light cheese please, for the sake of healthiness).
This dessert does not take much of your time. All these including the washing uses 15mins of my time. Well, if you are a slow mover, probably maximum of 25 mins is more than enough for you. Trust me, the dogs will like it, and tuna has a strong intense fragance which instill the dog's appetite to eat.
<![CDATA[Polyester Dog Theme Bags ]]>Sat, 12 Nov 2011 12:06:31 GMThttp://www.patpetdingdongbelle.com/pat-pet-blog/polyester-dog-theme-bagsWe are actually very excited and delighted to present one of the most satisfactory product i have created for Singapore and the Asia nmarket;  the high end polyester made up of 420D bag with dog themes. To define what is 420D Polyester, the "D" stands for the word "denier", which is a measure of the fineness of the material. A higher denier fabric is stronger and more durable than the same type of fabric with a lower denier rating. There are different "D" in the market, comprising of 210D, 420D and 600D etc.

2 designs with
dog themes are currently available; basically the preference is tuned towards Singapore and the Asia market with smaller dog breeds  printed on the bags, which proved to be difficult to gather dog pictures of nice photography.

dog themes bags come in both white and black, and white is the first dog theme bag we have launced. Feedbacks are taken in and improvements are made over the 2nd design of the black version which comes with a zip and a different compartment of an inner pocket. Of course, there are different preferencse from the customers over these 2 dog theme designs and this is why til now, the first launce white dog theme bag is still in demand and on good sales records in Singapore.

dog theme bags are water proof and able to withstand load of up to 10kg. These dog designs bags are practically can be used in the most practical use - Marketing! or use it as part of the accessories on you. You need to believe this, "Niche design always attract attention".

Enjoy whatever you choose, don't use it just for practical reason ONLY, think of the fun and joyness a small thing can bring into you. Love your dog, love their faces too, love the
dog theme bags, created by Singapore, love Singapore!

<![CDATA[Moderate of everything is substantial for the dogs]]>Sun, 06 Nov 2011 04:32:01 GMThttp://www.patpetdingdongbelle.com/pat-pet-blog/moderate-of-everything-is-substantial-for-the-dogsI have heard sayings that garlic and tomatoes are harmful to the dogs which is in contractory to the garlic & tomoatoes tibits we found in the Pet stores. I am totally confused if these are really toxic to our loyal furry friends, dogs. To confirm this saying, I brought this question up to the vet during a vaccination visit for my dog and I got the answer to resolve the puzzle i have in my mind for long. "Take everything at a reasonable amount is good for your dog", says the Vet. Yes, I totally agree to her words and this principal applies to us, humans too. 
Most of the dogs takes an essential amount of meats, and we definitely know that meats contained much bateria which reside in the intestines and may cause long term illnesses. No doubt that the dogs have stronger immune system as compared to the humans to fight against the bateria, riding off excessive bacteria from their body is no harm, or rather is an incentive to them. One of the natural way is through garlic consumption which has the ability to kill the stubborn resident of bacteria found in the intestines. 
It's totally easy add a token of the garlic by frying it with olive oil and toppled it to the main course of your dog. With the fragance of the garlic, especially if your dog is a fussy eater, this may help in creating some eating interest in your dog.  

<![CDATA[Pat Pet Promotions: Save Money with Our Fantastic Clearance Items]]>Tue, 20 Sep 2011 06:33:41 GMThttp://www.patpetdingdongbelle.com/pat-pet-blog/pat-pet-promotions-save-money-with-our-fantastic-clearance-items
In these uncertain economic times, its doubly important to spend our money wisely on things that will bring our joy.

Here are some of our Discounted Gift Ideas that is sure to thrill and surprise you. Based on our experience of Singaporeans being such adept bargain shoppers these items will be out of stock soon. So do take a peek at these amazing discounted items, take action now and bring home that innovative pet product or exclusively design dog theme gift item.  
<![CDATA[New Content: Watch these Insightful Videos on Commercial Pet Food]]>Tue, 20 Sep 2011 06:20:29 GMThttp://www.patpetdingdongbelle.com/pat-pet-blog/new-content-watch-these-insightful-videos-on-commercial-pet-foodPicture
Have you wondered who invented commercial pet food? Do you know what ingredients goes into the making of dry commercial dog food kibbles?

Have you ever thought about whether there are feasible alternatives to traditional commercial pet food?

We feel that as pet owners its our responsilbility to safe guard our pet's wellbeing. So do watch the videos to learn the shocking facts about commercial pet food.

<![CDATA[Announcing the Launch of Our Exclusive PatPet iPhone and Android App]]>Thu, 08 Sep 2011 10:57:16 GMThttp://www.patpetdingdongbelle.com/pat-pet-blog/announcing-the-launch-of-our-exclusive-patpet-iphone-and-android-app
This news is fresh from the oven.

Our customers have been asking for better ways to stay in touch with the latest arrivals and deals from PatPet. So here's our latest time and money saving solution for customers out and about with only their iPhone or Android Smart Phones.

With the help from our partnering website BuyOnlineSingapore.com's IT team we will be launching our mobile app by 1st Oct 2011.

Depending on how things work out we'll probably be launching our Android App first because we were told Apple might take a while to clear their apps vetting backlog.

Here's a sneak preview of an early working prototype of our PatPet App (above).

<![CDATA[Pat Pet Product Annoucements: New Arrivals]]>Mon, 22 Aug 2011 03:45:35 GMThttp://www.patpetdingdongbelle.com/pat-pet-blog/pat-pet-product-annoucements-new-arrivals
We are excited to present to your our latest arrivals in pet themed products.

Here's a sneak peek at our latest exclusive dog theme cup coasters & heat resistant Doggie Wall Decals that's easy to stick anywhere.

This exclusive to PatPet set of 4 silicone coasters features different dog breeds from the regal Husky, to the cute dressed Shih Tzu.

You are most welcome to check out our New Pet Product Arrivals page now or you can always go directly to the doggie motif coasters product page.

<![CDATA[My starting journey to home cooked food for dogs ]]>Sun, 31 Jul 2011 13:36:19 GMThttp://www.patpetdingdongbelle.com/pat-pet-blog/post-title-click-and-type-to-edit
Like most owners, i started kibbles feeding for my 5 puppies due to the reason of being an inexperienced dog owner, I do not know much about dog raising and would prefer to follow the normal trend of buying ready  to be consumed food ie kibbles for them. I would try out different brands and flavors as i wanted to add exitement and create "innovation" in their daily meals. I had zero knowledge about feeding them "natural food" which do not occur to my mind for the 1st 2 years of raising them up.

It was until when i become more experienced and started reading up and learning more about them then i started to become more adventourous and confident in their food preparation. The first meal started when my dog went for sterilisation and came back with a painful and moody face. As a parent to them, the first thought is to prepare a light and soupy meal (not the hard crunchy strong smell of kibbles!), which is easy to be consumed and digest. So i went ahead to prepare the pork porridge for her and my heartache would ease when she ate the food with satisfaction, despite the pain she was carrying then. So, this is when I began my research into studying food nutrients and appropriate preparation methods for them. I went to many countries to collect dog recipes from the book stores and that is usually one of the itineraries i would not miss out when i was abroad. 

I also talked to vets to understand and verify many myths which are commonly heard among the dog owners. I want the fact, not hearsay to determine the receipes and ingredients used in their food

Nowadays, my dogs hardly touch on kibbles anymore and everyday when i was cooking their meals, their eagerness to eat by sitting beside my legs while i was preparing their food would motivate me further to cook better for them. Isn't that fulfiling by having different varities of food to fill up these little creatures' short lifespan. Their happiness is part of our happiness too, isn't it?

Do drop by my based in Singapore home made dog food delivery page.